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Update :-) :-) :-) 

Hello once again from Amma’s ashram 🙂

How are you? 

I am sorry it has taken this long to get back to you: I have been completely locked out of my Yahoo email account, due to a tricky tech problem. However, due to the power of Grace, the 1000 Names and a very willing Sevite here in the ashram, the seemingly impossible was made possible 🙂 

I am returning to London on the 12th April, hoping then to be able to give in-person sessions. This is a dream of mine 🙂 Another is an in-person retreat in Portugal in October with Chetana Thornton 🙂 So I will keep you updated and send invites as that unfolds. 

From soon-ish (and that’s a big ‘ish’, as everything in India seems to take about half a day to accomplish – lol!) until mid-April, I will make sessions available via Zoom as usual. There will be more limited availability. However, I plan to give a session each day – meaning to include the weekend. This will be very good news for some of you 🙂 I will write again once I have sorted the tech aspects of the changes and etc.: I am looking forward to being with you again 🙂 

I would like to leave you with just a few insights from my time here in Amritapuri – briefly, as I am cooked! A combination of an incredible Darshan with Amma last night, intense seva (selfless service), deep sadhana (spiritual practices) and lack of sleep. I feel it’s a thrillingly relentless schedule of Divinity in Amma’s physical presence. Definitely for those born to be wild 🙂 Actually, Amma apparently once said that while the Guru lives, their organisation is like a jungle; when they die, it’s like an office. I am so happy and fulfilled to be in the jungle!

In her comments after the satsang given on the 29th January, Amma said, “The most effective way to eliminate the ego is to have a roommate with a bigger ego.” LOL! How true… She added, in a more general sense, that only by facing the challenges of life will we be able to transcend the ego. 

An early Amma devotee named Kusuma, witnessed Amma healing a man named Dattan of King Leprosy (I have seen the footage of this, in which Amma actually licks his sores with her tongue). She asked Amma how she could stand it – when every other person was moving away from Dattan..? Amma replied that the real miracle is that she (Kusuma) herself has the same power inside her, but she doesn’t know it.

Love is the answer,


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