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Awakening to Divinity (pt. 2) + Free Online Group Healing : tomorrow 

Hello 🙂

As promised, I am sharing the next installment of goodies from the Awakening to Divinity class 🙂 First of all, what is meant by the term ‘Awakening to Divinity’? Ric explains that, in the general awakening process, awake space takes over personal consciousness. Then in Awakening to Divinity, Divinity takes over that awake space. It is when Divinity wakes up to Itself within a form. One great example of this is Ramana Maharshi: Ric believes that he was both awake and very deeply embodied in this phase, so he was living from Awakening to Divinity (since embodiment means living from our awakeness). If you gaze into a photo of Ramana, you can feel he is very very empty indeed……..and, as a result, there is all this genuine Love and compassion. 

As with all Vortex classes, it is often the rich learning which happens around the transmissions / meditations in the Q&As, which feels so precious. One particular discussion led to important information on the nature of will. I know this is a subject that many of you have asked me about before. Ric explained that what we experience as personal will, really comes from two different sources: 1) “I want this” “I want that” etc. and 2) from deep in the body – survival drive, sex drive, etc. The second is extremely strong, because of how powerfully we are identified with the body. In contrast, Divine Will and Divine Intention are really more like one singular ‘thing’, so-to-speak. The funny saying, “People make plans and God laughs” comes to mind, because what actually ends up manifesting depends entirely on Divine Will. 

If you would like to attend the next Free Online Group Healing, it is tomorrow Wed 2nd Nov @ 1pm GMT. NB: please attend only if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr). Here is the link you need for booking :-

Please note that you need to pre-book. You can also book as many Groups as you like in advance. 

For Private Sessions here is the link. You will receive an email (or text if you request this when booking) with which you can rearrange or cancel up to 24hrs before the start time :- 

Please do not contact me regarding scheduling, rearranging or cancelling : instead, utilise the email you receive from Calendly for this purpose. It could end up in your spam, so please check.

NB: lateness, no-showing or cancelling / rearranging less than 24 hrs in advance of the session time, will result in you being charged in full.



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