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Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am clarifying the ways things work, as some people are unaware (which is understandable with my transition into full solo practice). Please do read even if you think you know, thank you 🙂

 – Please make your private session bookings via WhatsApp, text or Telegram (or for any communication at all)

 – I will send you a NEW Zoom link just before each session begins

 – Please pay before the start of your session by bank transfer, PayPal or TransferWise

 – If you cancel less than 24 hrs before your session, you will be charged in full (this also applies to no-shows)

 – All sessions are online, using Zoom (you may request Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime or Telegram if you prefer)

 – Sessions are 1 hour

 – 1 session = £85

 – You can save by booking a package of 3 = £240

 – The Online Group Healings remain Free at the current time (these have been offered as seva in response to the Covid crisis lockdown)

I have left Facebook, FB Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. So please don’t feel offended if you cannot connect with me there – it isn’t personal! I left all of them a few weeks ago, as I felt they were distracting me from real life. I also had concerns regarding my sadhana (spiritual practices) and awakening path in this regard too. It was time to go.

There will be a Free Online Group Healing this Wednesday. Details to follow before then.



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