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Important Transformations in my Healing Practice

Hello 🙂

How are you? I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day 🙂 

I am writing about some important transformations in my healing practice. For Vortex Healing folks you may be interested that I utilised the Truth Line in the spine, to sense into what was needed as a whole, in each of the below. If you are not in Vortex Healing, another way of expressing this is that I sat deeply with each part of these transformations, and listened within from Truth.

What is staying the same :-

The Group Healings remain free 🙂

Prices are equal for Private Sessions and Space Clearings

In-person sessions are still not allowed

What is changing :-

Sessions are available 7 days per week. Yes, this means I am working weekends 🙂 

Session hours each day are: 10am – 6pm (these are thefirst and the last start times of sessions) 

Sessions are 1 hour

Sessions are £85

There is a new Package Deal, saving you money. This is a package of 3 sessions for £240

Please message or call using WhatsApp, text, FB Messenger or Telegram with any questions you may have. Everything is effective immediately, not including bookings already made. 

I trust that you are faring well in these extraordinary times. Seeing you in the Groups makes me very happy and there you seem to be doing very well indeed. A triumph of the human spirit I would say 🙂 



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