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Free Online Group Healing: Deeper Surrender of Separateness

Hello 🙂

Owing to the success of the last session, we will meet again this coming Wednesday 21st October @ 1pm BST with the same intention, and go deeper together. Here is the link with which to book this free group session:-

Manifesting Intention practitioners now also have a new Energising transmission, which is more powerful, so I am looking forward to using that with you.

I found an interesting article written by Ric Weinman about the Home Energetic Body. This is the aspect of our human self which we are born into and live in, a natural expression of humanness from Divinity. It acts as an embodied lens through which we experience and see life, but our home energetic body is not our conditioning. When I discovered which mine was, I found that I could relax: I felt relieved that I no longer had to try to ‘stop being that way’. Ric has written this piece as pertaining to relationships, and although I don’t necessarily agree with his ideas about that, I do think the descriptions for each Home Energetic Body and its qualities are excellent. Think of it a little bit like getting a very good Vedic astrology reading, but more significant, relevant and immediate. Some of you will know which yours is, because it has come up in session and I have sensed into it, and others may feel a resonance by sensing into what is written.  Have fun 🙂

A gentle reminder, as some people are not aware of this, to please pay before the session for individual sessions. The cost is £75. Again, some people are unclear about this and therefore I have been receiving some variations 😉 

Also, many people have been finding that, in general, they can sense and feel more of what is happening in session when they sit (rather than lie down) for distance healing. 

Lastly, I am still looking for a studio or 1 bed flat for long-term rent in London itself: a self-contained place for living solo. I have moved home 5 times during the past 2 months. So if you know of such, or of any kind landlords who may have one available, please message me. Thank you 🙂 



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