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True Nature into conscious awareness

Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am very well 🙂 I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote: I have been on a Adyashanti silent meditation retreat, a mini-retreat with Mukti, taken Vortex Healing classes EarthWorks I, EarthWorks II and Merlin’s Puzzle, plus I’ve also moved home (I now live in central / north London).

I want to begin by sharing an insight which hit me for the second time in my life, following a particularly good session with one of you: there’s no ‘higher up’. No one is higher or lower than anyone else. But not conceptually, and not socially (that is obviously a different conversation) – but in terms of a deeper reality that’s peering through the seams all the time. In Truth, no one is on a higher plain and there is no hierarchy. Each person has an equal and unique space in this universe. And nobody else can fill that space; it is the ‘shape of’ that one particular character, as it were. No such space is better or worse than any other. Even though there is mass denial of this reality, it doesn’t change it. This is what a deep dive and continuous swim in Truth reveals – that’s why the great masters speak of this kind of thing. But you don’t need to become a master to get it. You really don’t, and I can say this because I’m not a master – lol!

It’s actually quite hard to write at the moment, because of the quality and quantity of the profound shifts I have been through these last two months. I suppose the first thing I would like to do is to recommend you to go on a silent meditation retreat with Adyashanti. The deepest movement which happened on that retreat, I find myself completely unable to talk about. So I’m sorry about that. What goes on in these retreats is so incredible….and really, it’s energetic what is happening – something akin to transmission. And all you really need to do, is to follow the little sheet of instructive guidelines you are given at the beginning. Yes, with this particular work, it really is that simple! And the Silence is a godsend: it gives you the chance to allow awareness to come into the foreground, and to rest as That. Having said that, Adya did speak  something during an evening talk which struck me as the ultimate statement about the awakening embodiment evolution we are all in (knowingly or not):-

“What this is really all about is the depth of your sincere yearning, and your willingness to put everything on the line for that. It is that which pulls your True Nature into conscious awareness” ~ Adyashanti (Woldingham retreat 2019)

The EarthWorks classes were about healing the earth, the wider human consciousness and about learning how to create magical healing devices in spaces and objects. We also worked on Brexit, the earth energies in London and other cities, and each station on the Central Line of the tube (I know!!) as a group, to effect transformation and softening there. The tools I have from these classes can be used in your home to create more Divine healing movement (in an object, piece of furniture, or sometimes a room) – through the creation of something called a Divine Door. It’s really cool… So please do phone / message me about this if you would like one, or would like more info.

Merlin’s Puzzle is a class that aids seeing from Truth, both in the sense of embodiment and in the sense of Sensing (awareness and ‘seeing’). Anthony Gorman (the facilitator of these classes) said some tings which I think you might find helpful. I will try to summarise the wisdom. Firstly, you know when you have a deep opening / healing of some kind and you feel so free…….and then suddenly the shit hits the fan and you feel like it all went wrong? In reality, what is happening is that the freedom which has rooted in you then begins to move through all the other places in yourself and your life where you don’t feel that way. Perhaps it is the universe’s way of making sure you don’t get fixated anywhere. For example, many of us have probably met people who have had profound awakenings, yet something is missing – and you can feel it on instinct. It might be that the person is fixating in the awakeness and ‘staying there’, as it were. As opposed to someone who is allowing the awakening to penetrate all areas of their life and themselves, which is very humbling and can feel like ‘losing’. If someone doesn’t want to feel that, they can ‘stay inside’ a narrow space (as it were), which makes them feel safe or powerful in some kind of way. A tell-tale sign is sometimes a lack of empathy for others, or of compassion for people in general. So, to stop you ending up like this, you may need to feel like shit after a big spacious opening. Sorry to say it – lol! It’s all about balance. And it’s happening to bring that shift you had all the way through. I really thank Anthony Gorman for this piece of the puzzle.

Some upcoming events:-

There are Vortex Healing trainings coming up in London in October and in March, for the first two or three classes in the lineage. I cannot tell you how much these classes could transform you, because it really is beyond words! 

There is also the presence of a beautiful and rare soul coming to London on the 4th, 5th and 6th October: 

Booking for each of these is essential.

Much Love,


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