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Happy New Year!


How are you?

Amritapuri was incredible……. I was contemplating what I could share with you about my time with Amma. I think the best way would be to offer you her White Flowers Meditation as a file via Dropbox. In this meditation is contained Amma’s Love, core teaching and the way to the deepest aspect of what we are as human-Being. If you would like this, please email me.

I love this time of year because of the Silence. The group consciousness relaxes, and then all of us are somehow drawn inward to what is left when noise dies down and we begin to fall into what remains. Even a single branch on a wintry tree tells us this, if we have the ears to listen.

Many of you have expressed interest in beginning the practice of the 1000 Names, but feel understandably a little overwhelmed by this at first. So here is a version I think you will like. Whether it is just listening for pleasure or to begin to learn this chant, check out this version, sung by renowned Keralan vocalist Kavalam Srikumar:-

I am now back giving sessions, so please text, WhatsApp or Messenger me to book a session if you would like one. Good news regarding Vortex Healing – Ric Weinman (founder) has discovered that by adding Vortex Energy to Manifesting Intention when channelling, all transformation deepens significantly throughout sessions. I have already had great results with this, I think in particular because the ACP (Actual Channelling Power) of each energy is not compromised. So I am looking forward to sharing this with you 🙂

I would like to offer you a quote from a stunning book called ‘Silence of the Heart’, by Robert Adams. Apparently this is one of only two books Amma has recommended everyone reads (the other being ‘Daughter of Fire’, by Irina Tweedy). Robert was an awake teacher who gave talks in California as far back as the early 1950s. When I met Adyashanti in 2002, I thought he was a one-off, and the first of his kind, but it turns out that was not the case. So discovering Robert’s work is particularly touching for me in many different ways. This passage stopped me in my tracks and I felt I must share it with you:-

“Enjoy the world if you can. But do not allow the world to be your master. Do not allow the world to tell you how things are. Do not allow the news or the newspaper or the way of the world to confound you and confuse you. Or to make you sad or angry, or upset you. After all, it’s the same as seeing a movie. You look at the movie and you see all kinds of dastardly things going on. But then you catch yourself and you say, “It’s only a movie! It’s not the truth.” And so it is with life. You observe everything that’s going on in life, you watch, you look, you see. Yet you never react. You’re never for or against. You understand, and this makes you free.” ~ Robert Adams (pg. 33, Silence of the Heart)

I wish you the happiest of New Years and hope that – knowing truly that – 2019 brings you closer to the Silence, to Love and to Truth. May Oneness reign ever more obviously over all things in this appearance.



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