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Amma in London 27th – 29th Oct

Hello 🙂

Amma is coming to London on the 27th – 29th October. I highly recommend getting involved in seva (selfless service) while you are there. It is Amma’s primary teaching for self realisation and it helps you feel involved in what is going on, grounding you. Here is the link for information:

I will be away doing the next Vortex Healing class – Breaking with the Past – from the 10th – 18th October, so please do call to book a session before that week.

I wanted to recount a story from my time on the ashram, as a way of showing how Amma notices every detail and certainly hears our intention, even when she is multi-tasking like a trojan! It was the day on which Amma feeds us prasad lunch (she blesses the plate of food and gives it to us, one by one). There were four lines going up to where she was handing out the plates and it was the usual ashram mayhem 🙂 I noticed a sign asking us to wait until some phrases of the Bhagavad Gita had been chanted before eating the food we were about to be given. I thought, “Maybe I’ll wait” (which I never usually do) and then I thought about how difficult that might be because I was hungry. So I concluded, “Let’s see what Amma does when I get up there”. A helper started asking us to come quickly to Amma and keep the lines moving. When I was close, I thought, “I wonder what I would do if Amma scolded me?” and then thought, “I would simply open my heart to her”. When I got very close, I could see that she was in a complete flow, handing each plate perfectly to each person, even though there were four lines of us. I reached out my hand, but Amma moved the plates around so I couldn’t take one! She was not looking at me and then she said in English, looking straight ahead, “Wait”. Finally, she handed me my plate. In one word, she had answered all of my thoughts. It didn’t feel like being told off, even though I was being: it felt like oneness flowing towards me, like a blessing, which is how friends have described their experiences of being scolded by Amma. I waited for the chanting of the Gita and for Amma to start eating and then I ate my lunch, in absolute amazement…

I leave you with this translated exerpt from a bhajan that we sang one evening, called ‘Oru Koccu Pulnambin’ (Bhajanamritam Vol III, pg 175):-

When the immeasurable time I seek to measure,

The ‘I’ fades away, ‘You’ and ‘all’ are erased.

If the ‘I’ is not, who is to know whom? A void absolute.

When the unfathomable ocean I seek to fathom,

I dissolve into the vast deep roaring brine together with my rod.

Ah! Then, there is no ‘me’ to swim ashore to tell its depth.

Warm wishes,


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