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How To Drop Your Negative Story

Hello 🙂

This week I have been having
great fun uncovering your
core stories and clearing
them at the deepest level
possible – the Divine Structure.

This is life-changing work,
so please do take advantage of it.

I have also been using
the work of Byron Katie to
let go of my own negative
thinking, so I thought
I’d share with you a simplified
version of her wonderful tool:-

Take time to sit quietly. Then
at the top of a piece of paper,
write down a repetitive negative
belief – make it a juicy one,
one that really has an effect on you.

Then write down the following questions:-

Is it true?

Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

How do I react, what happens, when I
believe that thought?

Who would I be without the thought?

Take your time and treat
this like meditation. Ask
each question in your heart
and then wait for the response.

Try to really
open to what your heart feels
and says to you. Write each
answer down.


There is a release for the Genetics
which I would really recommend.
It only takes 10 minutes and
it radically alters your conditioned
personality, particularly that
pesky survival fear stuff.

Finally, I am going to see this teacher
in London, who is recommended
by Adyashanti, so do give her
a look. She is called Marlies:-

That’s all folks!

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