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Inviting Grace Into Your Life + next Group = 27/7/22

Hello 🙂

I am currently watching this video from Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass. I feel so inspired by it that I wish to send it to you right away :-

If you would like to attend the next Free Online Group Healing, it is happening on Wednesday 27th July @ 1pm BST. NB: please attend only if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr). Here is the link you need for booking :-

Please note that you need to pre-book. You can also book as many Groups as you like in advance. 

Please feel free to invite people to the Groups or to receive this newsletter: a message to me via WhatsApp, Telegram or regular text would be best to arrange this (as so with anything else, since email-replying is not my strong point).

For Private Sessions with me, here is the link. You will receive an email (or text if you request this when booking) with which you can rearrange or cancel your session up to 24hrs before the start time, if you wish :- 

I request that you never contact me about rearranging, cancelling or scheduling : instead, simply utilise the email sent to you by Calendly for this very purpose. It may end up in your spam / junk box, so please check.

Please also note that lateness, no-showing, cancelling / rearranging less than 24 hrs in advance of the session time will result in you being charged in full for that session. Thank you 🙂 

I am going to be offering workshops at Secret Garden Party this weekend and am leaving on Thursday. Please note that, as a result of this, I will not be contactable from 21st – 25th July. I hope, next time, I will be given more notice so I can invite you all 🙂 It would be so lovely to have you there! 

I also want to announce that there will be a course offered in Amma’s IAM Meditation in early September. Once we have organised this at Amma’s London ashram, I will let you know.