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Free Online Group Healing: Not-Knowing…into Silence

Hello 🙂

At some point in any lifetime, one needs to learn to live with not-knowing, as difficult or frustrating as that may feel at first. Sometimes though, perhaps even often, the only resolution to a particular situation is Silence. As I have discovered for myself this week, only when we are willing not to know, and then to rest in or as that not-knowingness, can true knowing arise. It’s nothing like we think either, this kind of ‘knowing’: there is nothing mental about it, and it isn’t even a gut feeling. It’s so different from all of that. Creative, tender and totally spontaneous, it comes to us only in the absolute willingness not to know anything forever. 

In that depth, lies the inherent invitation to let go, rest, and such resting leads into Silence. From that non-place is the birth-place of everything of value. 

This is what we are going to explore in this weeks’ Group on Wednesday 18th November at 1pm GMT (uk time). If you are available and can be present on Zoom for the duration (1 hour) please register here:-