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More Praise for Rifting :-)

Hello 🙂
I have often wondered
what Amma’s take is on
clearing conditioning. This
week, the answer came from
her newsletter in a direct quote:-

“By changing a very common
misconception – the idea that
your problems are to be found
in the outer situations of life – 
you can remove your problems
once and for all. Understand
that the difficulties are to be
found within your own mind.
Once you become aware of
this, you can begin the 
process of removing your
inner weakness.”

People are really getting
a lot out of Rifting. One
person said she was
amazed at how much 
more harmonised she felt
afterwards – like her 
entire self and entire
life were now in a 
 new balance, after 
feeling very chaotic.
 And it can be used for
so many things. For
example, one person
asked me to Rift in her
fully-fledged writer, in order
to complete her second novel.
 I hope you are well and
enjoying Friday,